"The best thing about my rebranding isn’t even the outward look and feel of my new brand, but what this process has done to my everyday life. I’m currently fully booked for 7 months in advance (that never happened before) and because of that I’m calm and enjoying my workdays and my free time. I’m not struggling to figure out how to get more bookings or what to post on social media. It’s all so clear now.

I’m now working with clients that really are ”the ones” and I am clear about and able to feel the bigger purpose in my work and what I give to my audience.

Thank you so much for everything, Michaela! I’ve said before that I love to work with designers because they put things I like nicely together, but you did SO much more. You literally changed my life, my way of thinking and the way I see my business. You gave me the wings I had missed."


Helianna Malinen

brand foundation & strategy
logo & visual identity design
web design
content & launch strategy