Your brand is so much more than a logo. It's your message and your promise to your audience.

It's how your clients feel about you.


A pretty brand is nothing without an honest foundation. It's an empty promise.

When we work on your brand, we will always start with you, building a strategy that reflects everything you value and all you want for your business. Our aim is for you not only to have a refined visual identity that attracts your ideal client, but also total clarity on how to put that new brand out into the world.

honest, passion-driven branding

uplevel your business with
a clear and honest brand


Every business is different and we want your brand and our process to reflect that. Here's an overview of what your brand-building process with us may include.


Inspiring thing number one. Title, description goes here.

Place the full description here. Speak directly to your ideal client, to create an undeniable bond with you and your values.


Inspiring thing number one. Title, description goes here.

Place the full description here. Speak directly to your ideal client, to create an undeniable bond with you and your values.

If you feel like it's time for a rebrand, you're not entirely sure where your brand needs work or you just need someone to help you get started, we'll be happy to analyse your brand for you in detail - on all your channels.

You'll be left knowing exactly where to start in order to build your renewed, honest brand.

Your brand foundation, true to its name, is what your entire brand is built on. Your purpose, your mission, vision, values and your message.

Once a solid foundation is established, we can get into your brand personality, your market positioning and brand marketing strategy. The aim is for you to have total clarity not only over what you stand for but also how to communicate this to your ideal audience.

brand foundation &

A refined visual identity can elevate your brand and speak to your ideal clients faster than any text or sales speech could ever deliver.

Your visual identity can include logo and submarks, brand typefaces, your color palette, illustrations and patterns, brand imagery and collateral designs (business cards, packaging, etc).

visual identity

We sure love a pretty website, but much more so we want your website to deliver and convert.

We offer full in-house design and building of wix- and showit based sites, as well as design only on all other platforms.


We never want you to sit around with that beautiful new refined visual identity and that kicking new website, and not know what to do with it.

So, most of our service offerings include content- and (re)launch strategy in some form or other. Whether you want only some general recommendations or for us to work out all the details for you, is up to you.

brand content-
& launch strategy

current brand

Personal branding shoots, product shoots or brand feeling imagery production - we'd love to help you create the images that communicate your brand 100%.

We work with a range of amazing photographers and other professionals to make your brand image dreams come true.

brand imagery
art direction & styling

"Michaela went way below the surface to understand what I am passionate about and what my strengths are, and turned that into a service that makes me stand out from the competition. When she finally presented the new visuals and brand strategy, there wasn't anything to be changed. It was so on point that it made me cry.

I've been getting over 50% more inquiries since the rebranding, all the while having upped my prices. Best thing that's ever happened to my business!"

Susanna Nordvall



Ready to (re)build my brand from the ground up!

I want to build a brand that truly reflects what I stand for and helps me achieve my dreams. I want to be crystal clear on my brand- and marketing strategy, find my place in the market and stand out from the competition. I want a refined visual identity that attracts my dream clients.


Book a brand analysis

My brand feels alright to me, but something is off...

I thought I was clear on my branding, but I am not booking the right clients, I don't know if my content represents my brand, I'm not sure if my website converts, I'm not seeing the success I hoped for. Or I like to DIY my branding, but I need someone to point me in the right direction.